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Lip Service Part 2: The Ex Responds

Last year, I relaunched Bornwhore with a piece about stigma, sex work and dating called Lip Service. I wrote about a few ex’es who’d behaved less than gentlemanly when I came out to them as a ho. Turns out one of them had written about me too–something I didn’t know. It paints a picture of … Continue reading

well-meaning: a note of caution to our allies

A team of medical students at the University of British Columbia have developed a panic button for street based workers in Vancouver. This could be awesome. I hope this helps workers who are left without any decent options for creating basic safety. I also have ambivalent feelings about our saviours, the non sex workers. The best safety for sex workers is when we work together in a setting under our own control. If this button saves lives and prevents violence, then fuck yeah. Just don’t forget that it is second best to sex worker self-determination and should never replace it.

Which is to say, it also makes me uncomfortable to see non sex workers get really excited about how smart and amazing other non sex workers are at saving us. This project may have enormously beneficial impacts for sex workers–if and only if–they implement all the suggestions made by street workers. I just want non sex workers to think twice about: Continue reading

Lip Service: on sex work, relationships & stigma

“Lips like Sugar, Women For Men, 28, downtown, Outcalls only”

1. I prefer to work in the downtown core because I want to bike to my client’s tiny overpriced condos. I love getting on my bike with my handbag in my basket, red dress, hair fresh from the shower, lips glossy and pedaling downtown to see a regular. I love the surprise in every new call, I love working for cash and sometimes I enjoy the sex too. I love the power I have over their bodies and their joy. The money is spectacular and fast. I squeeze in appointments between my day job, friend’s house parties, my therapist, dates, brunches and then a one-hour appointment with a chef named Rob who’s actually done in 15 minutes. We chat in his kitchen about the history of salt and restaurant life while I wait for my cab. Continue reading

Submission call-out! “We Got This: A Zine about Screening, Safe Calls & Buddy systems for safer indoor sex work”

the deadline for this has passed but I will be accepting submissions for the next couple of weeks as I put the zine together!

(Still) Seeking Submissions to “We Got this: A Zine about Screening, Safe Calls & Buddy systems for safer indoor sex work”

As sex workers, escorts, hookers, prostitutes, pro-dommes/subs who have to work without much protection, we use hundreds of little strategies to stay safe. This zine is about collecting and sharing those strategies. This edition focuses on screening clients and safe calls. Continue reading

“unhealthy”: on fatphobia and state violence against sex working mothers

Walking back into the house with a new red satin teddy for tomorrow’s two-hour booking, I glanced down at the Sydney Morning Herald and spotted the two headlines: “Cancer deaths much higher for Aborigines” (no shit, we needed another study to tell us that colonialism is bad for Indigenous people’s health?) and directly below it, this headline: “Girl, 12, turns her life around after removal from mother”

Huh. Since when is forced removal a good thing for kids? I wondered.

Answer: when the mom is a hooker and the kid–no, the daughter– is fat. Continue reading

NYC Tricks and SF Flicks

It was after dark and I was standing on the sidewalk sharing a smoke with the manager of the NYC hostel I was staying in (Marlborough menthols. God, the depths of debauchery). He’d been sneaking furtive glances at my cleavage for days and had all the markings of what a fellow whore and I term a “Total Client”. A TC is a guy you spot a mile away as

1. interested, and if he’s older, just a bit desperate

2. willing and eager to pay

Obviously, we really like TCs. Continue reading