“unhealthy”: on fatphobia and state violence against sex working mothers

Walking back into the house with a new red satin teddy for tomorrow’s two-hour booking, I glanced down at the Sydney Morning Herald and spotted the two headlines: “Cancer deaths much higher for Aborigines” (no shit, we needed another study to tell us that colonialism is bad for Indigenous people’s health?) and directly below it, this headline: “Girl, 12, turns her life around after removal from mother”

Huh. Since when is forced removal a good thing for kids? I wondered.

Answer: when the mom is a hooker and the kid–no, the daughter– is fat. Continue reading

When I love it the most

That’s the fun thing about sex work. It’s a power game and I’m always perfecting my skill, working on my game. The goal is to be able to create just about any effect I want — from lust and trust to generosity and deference. Whatever. I want to the one that comes out on top. I love sex work because I love power. I love the way it tastes, smells, looks, feels, sounds. Continue reading


Tonight’s gifts–a pomegranate and a ONEHUNDREDANDTWENTYDOLLARTIP after very genderqueer sex with a man who REMEMBERS (and can discuss) the founding of Israel (aka the Nakba).

Past gifts: an organic tomato, an eyeglass cleaner, a backpack full of sex toys I couldn’t use (they weren’t sterilizable), massages, IT help, political analysis and history, cocaine, laughter, orgasms… Continue reading

Gold Plated Ho

This is a piece I wrote when i had just started working in Australian brothels. It was pre-2008 economic meltdown and I was having my Pretty Woman moment–y’know the one where the money is fast, the work seems easy and you have the energy to hustle all night long.

Gold Plated Ho
I am one godamned successful prostitute. In only 3 weeks i’ve hauled in over $5000 cash. That’s big money. It’s so much money in fact that it requires a serious re-think on my priorities. I’ve had to ask myself questions like: how much money do I WANT to make? In an economy of such plenty, how much is “enough”? Are there dreams that previously seemed out of reach? Continue reading

Pussy addicted

Last night a client told me that he has an addictive personality and that he’s worried he is “pussy addicted” right now. “Which after cocaine is the second most expensive addiction”. I could see he felt some concern about it. He’s older and needs a new bed but says it’s “really expensive” though he’s blown … Continue reading

NYC Tricks and SF Flicks

It was after dark and I was standing on the sidewalk sharing a smoke with the manager of the NYC hostel I was staying in (Marlborough menthols. God, the depths of debauchery). He’d been sneaking furtive glances at my cleavage for days and had all the markings of what a fellow whore and I term a “Total Client”. A TC is a guy you spot a mile away as

1. interested, and if he’s older, just a bit desperate

2. willing and eager to pay

Obviously, we really like TCs. Continue reading

Sex Workers Vs. The Media! July 15 Screenings in Toronto

The “drug addicted” street worker, the high class escort, the trafficked thai woman…

The media is always telling stories about sex workers–but what do sex workers think about the media? More and more sex workers both in Canada and abroad are creating media that reflects the realities, joys, complexities, humour and pathos of this incredibly diverse industry–and rejecting or satirizing the stereotypes we’re abundantly familiar with. Come here the stories sex workers flip the lens to reflect on themselves and the media itself. Continue reading