Don’t be surprised if I hesitate when I introduce myself. I go by so many names that sometimes I forget my own. In my writing life it’s Juliet November. In my offline life, it’s none of your business.

I’m a white, working-class queer cis femme hooker with a big laugh and a daily meditation practice that I cherish. I spend my time organizing, unlearning whore-hating bullshit, living a good life, writing, practicing integrity, compassion and humour, buying high-waisted panties, swearing and texting more than is probably good for me.

Life plans include working to bring people together to build grassroots power to fight the white supremacist, capitalist, colonial, ableist, transphobic/transmisogynist heteropatriarchy, build communities that rely on each other instead of prisons, policing and the state, and find ways to love each other through and with our differences.

I think support, relationship building and cultural production call all be acts of revolution. Some of my favourite things include disability justice, anti-racism, loving hard on other femmes, prison/policing abolition, bitchy sex workers and poor and working class people like the ones I grew up with.

I have a few published pieces: in “The Revolutions Starts At Home”, “Hos, Hookers, Call Girls and Rent Boys” and in the Walrus Magazine. I have a piece called Feminine Wiles forthcoming in Dear Sister, an anthology of writing by survivors of sexual violence (AK Press).

I usually write to deadlines and requests so hit me up if you want me to submit something to your anthology or magazine. One of my great joys though is amplifying the voices of a range of sex work experiences so I will often refer people to other workers with alot to say and not alot of opportunity to be heard.

I’m not aiming for instant insurrection but to leave the ground we walk better for those who will follow us. There will still be hookers after the revolution and I plan to be one of them. I am, after all, a born whore.

22 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,

    I’m Jillian, LOTL’s online editor. I was at The Red Rattler event last week and I apologise for not introducing myself. It was quite a night!

    I very much enjoyed your performance and I wanted to let you know I’ve linked your blog to the review Elena wrote of the evening, which I put on the LOTL website.

    Here is the link – http://lotl.com/default2.asp?Category=532&parentid=358

    Hopefully that’ll give you some good click-throughs.

    Hope you’re well!


  2. Hi!

    I stumbled across your blog through an awesome blog hopping chain! Angry Black Anarchist, to Angry Black White Girl to flooring and whoring to You! I am in the process of creating a network of friends and allies who do sex work both where I live and anywhere to share with and support me as I go. I love your blog. Drop me an email sometime. 🙂


  3. lol @ the introduction hesitation. If the person I’m introducing myself to outside of work is an older male the pause is lengthy. ‘who am I today?’

    identity crisis!

  4. Oh I know – the name thing is crazy. I decided to swap working girl names but had accidentally used both with a booking for a new client. I explained it away but was put off by the snotty guy at reception when I got to the hotel with my overnight bag – my room key wasn’t there as promised and he had to ring the room and confirm with the client I was his guest and I thought it all marked me out as “whore” so much I spluttered, fucked up and gave my real name. Then had to spend an entire overnight booking answering to my real name cause he latched onto it. GRRR.

  5. I think your blog is wonderful, thanks for letting people hear a first-hand perspective and informed opinion on sex work. I particularly like your thoughts on whores of privilege– I would love it if you had the time in the future to write about how you think sex workers who aren’t in positions of privilege can be granted more rights and freedoms to leave sex work if they choose or stay in it and flourish as you are doing. Reading your thoughts has given me a lot of insight; thanks for educating the public to be critical of whore-hating bullshit.

  6. I love your blog and you’re post on the Buddhist blog about prostitution was right-on–if you can email me directly through my profile I have an important question for you about a writing project I’m working on – thanks!

  7. I like your blog.I think I am coming to a stage in my life where I am unlearning whore-hating bullshit as well. I am from Toronto area, mid 20’s Asian who has been a sex worker of all sorts for the past 6 years. Phone sex, stripping, webcam, escorting… you name it I have done it.

  8. Hi there…I am living in Vancouver but from Winnipeg originally…I am in the midst of being prosecuted (read persecuted) for a variety of prostitution related crimes including keeping a common bawdy house, living on the avails and more more more!!! I love what you have to say and will happily stand beside you during the revolution…I too am a born whore!!! Damned proud of it too!!!

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  10. hey, i am starting a distro in montreal and am wondering if there are zine copies of your “hey baby how much” post, and if not would it be ok to print the text as a zine (with no additions/commentary)? do you have an email address where i can contact you? don’t see one anywhere on here . . . thanks!!

  11. I just wanted to say I find your blog very inspiring. I found you through a link a fellow UBC student posted to our class forum. You give a strong voice to sex workers, and although I do not share your profession, I have a deep respect for those who do. If you ever decide to write a book, I know I’d be first in line to buy a copy.



  12. Hi Joanne, thank you for the request. It’s always great to expand these conversations to feminists who support sex worker justice. First though, does the FWSA has a policy on sex work? If not a formal policy, what is the informal stance on sex work? thanks!

  13. Hi,

    I hesitate to label myself an ally since i feel that is something a particular group gets to choose to award a non member but I am a Social Worker and Labour Activist and after I ran headlong into a pile of upset when I approached sex work with the filter of my life and education I reached out to the community of bloggers and a few local activists to listen to their wisdom and find new ways to support self determination in my clients lives. I came across your post about sex work being real work and I couldnt agree more. I also hear your concerns about outsiders attempting to save workers and agree 100% that the best work is done by sex workers for sex workers. I have been bouncing around some of your other posts and am loving your insights. I wanted to let you know how much i value what you do and hope its ok if from time to time i have a comment or question. If you would rather i not comment i understand too.



  14. Hi,

    I am a freelance journalist writing a story on the London sex industry and prostitution – especially focusing on the issues and dangers prostitutes face given the current legal situation in the UK where brothels are still illegal.

    There has been a lot of debate on where the UK will go from here and the article will explore potential outcomes of new legislation. For example will the UK follow the Swedish /French model? Will we legalise it altogether?

    Could I possibly interview you? I would love to hear your opinion and thoughts on the matter. Questions would include: what would it mean for sex workers if organised prostitution was legalised? How would (if at all) it help sex workers?

    What are the fears sex workers are facing at the moment? Do you know of anyone who has been assaulted by a sex buyer? Would legalising help preventing safety issues etc..?

    The article will be published in an investigative university paper, online on my blog and possibly in other magazines.

    We could do it either face to face, over the phone (or even via email). I’m on a deadline so this would ideally have to happen in the next few days or over the weekend. It would not take more than 10-20 minutes of your time.

    (You can remain an anonymous source if you wish)

    I hope to hear from you as your point of view would be crucial to the article and the debate

    07428 651 692


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