BlogHop! On my next writing and the writing that I’m excited about

So SexGeek invited me to be a part of a blogHop where we do a self interview and then link to other writers–who then themselves do the interview and link to other writers and so on. The interview is designed for fiction novelists (and it’s kind of boring) so i’ve adapted it.  

What is the work­ing title of your next book blog post?

The draft title of my next blog post is something like “omg he thought I was a hooker!” and it’s about differentiating between sexual harassment and solicitation for paid sex. Basically I’m asking for women to respect the street as a workplace for sex workers and ensure that their behaviour and attitudes don’t create a hostile environment for sex working people.

Where did the idea come from for the book post?

From the bjillions of non sex working feminists who complain about how they get asked if they’re working while walking home at night in SEX WORKERS NEIGHBORHOODS. I guess you can tell I have an angle on this already.

What genre does your book blog post fall under?

Angry radical hooker rants

Which actors would you choose to play your char­ac­ters in a movie ren­di­tion?

Uh, if by “characters” you mean me and other sex workers, well, how about an actual sex worker? Just please god, not Julia roberts ok? Someone who has sucked dick professionally. Although we don’t actually know about Julia…

 What is the one-sentence syn­op­sis of your book blog post?

The street is many things including a workplace and please have some respect for that–if he politely asks you if you how much, it’s not harassment. It’s work.

Will your book blog post be self-published or rep­re­sented by an agency?

Uh, right here, courtesy of wordpress.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your man­u­script?

This is a boring question.

What other books blogs would you com­pare this to within your genre?

I am currently pulling together a list of  blogs by radical sex workers or those that cover sex worker activist history (and the history of sex work activism in inextricably linked with that of gender non-conforming women/trans women of colour) so please send them my way!

 Who or what inspired you to write this book blog?

That I’m a feminist, I like feminists and I really hate their bullshit against sex working women.

 What else about your book blog might pique the reader’s inter­est?

There are HEAPS of sex workers whom, if you asked them, would tell you that sexual harassment is not the same as clients trying to hire them. However, this does not get published and I’m hoping this will be a useful resource for non sex working feminists who want to be allies to sex workers.


Here are the writ­ers whose work you can check out next:

Yeah! Here are a few blogs I look forward to with anticipation. There are others but I didn’t get their approval to link to them here so for now…

AndSpiritWas. Reina had me at her 10 days of posts about Syliva Rivera. Swoon. Beyond that you’ll find absolutely vital archival footage of Black and POC gender non-conforming, trans and queer heritage, fierce anti-prison/policing analysis and a tender heart. As a queer sex worker, I think these are critical in helping us understand the roots of sex worker oppression and resistance, centre our fight around those most directly impacted by the oppression of sex workers and be truly collective, visionary and liberatory.

Gudbuytjane is some of my favourite writing about transmisogyny, the politics of desireability, relationships and sex, bringing politics into a intimate space that so many construct as “natural”, inevitable or private.  I also feel that I have a lot to learn about how these hierarchies of desireability. (eg  fatphobia, racism, ageism, transphobia/misogyny) are constructed, impact us and very directly shape our ability to make money and do it under our own control as sex workers.

Writing “news for whores, illegals, crips, queers, broke folks and other rads” I first discovered Anna Saini through her poetry and then found her “brown, poor, crazy, queer, femme, nerd rants” online through her blogs HerSight and Phyrecracker. That’s a whole lot of “omg yes”. Everything from Hurricane Sandy to Prop 35 to What you Need to Know About Sikhs then back to poetry again because Anna is, afterall, an artist and a phyrecracker.


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