Tonight’s gifts–a pomegranate and a ONEHUNDREDANDTWENTYDOLLARTIP after very genderqueer sex with a man who REMEMBERS (and can discuss) the founding of Israel (aka the Nakba).

Past gifts: an organic tomato, an eyeglass cleaner, a backpack full of sex toys I couldn’t use (they weren’t sterilizable), massages, IT help, political analysis and history, cocaine, laughter, orgasms, power and deference, the sound of adrienne rich reading her own poetry, a refuge from queer drama and heartbreak, adoration, a lift across the country, moments of remarkable intimacy and cigarettes.

Post script, Dec 18/09. An update on gifts from my regular: the Communist Manifesto (for real), a cherry pie and a bottle of organic lube.

I mean, that’s kinda all you need right?

p.p.s. Again with the fucking crazy gifts! Tonight: a certificate for a 3 hour segway tour of San Francisco. For serious! Plus, a little more tradition: a box of chocolates and (it’s never *really* normal) a bag of peanuts and 2/3 of a pie.

3 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. Ha. My list is so much more mundane. Cocaine (I don’t use it) for my girlfriend, roses, chocolates, nectarines picked from the client’s own orchard, The Mammoth Book of International Erotica, a fucking Stephanie MEYER novel, handfuls of valium and soma, coffee, bad champagne, a book about an American Irishman’s involvement with the IRA, a skirt that looked simply awful on me that I mistook for a dress, really tacky 80s era red fringed leather thigh high boots, cheap cherry flavored Indian cigarettes, a lift across the street to buy some V-8 so I wouldn’t have to hobble across in heels, handfuls of Oxycontin, IT help, certainly, a bad porno video w/my face covered of me and the client involved, a plethora of business cards, a refuge from my friends’ politics, a viewing of animal porn, which was curious, and a viewing of golden era 70s porn, which was marvelous, adoration, sure, and compliments, yes, back massages by licensed masseurs, and bad back massages from men who were anything but, permission to top a man while humiliating him with slurs based on class hatred…
    But most of the time I’d prefer the tips.

  2. Caty, if you think gifts like these are mundane, you’ve been in the biz for a while! um, animal porn and coke for your girlfriend? yeah, they just hand that shit out at the local non-profit holiday party! ;P

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