These jugs just got alot more expensive

Kicking off at about 8 am this morning at my brothel, I asked another worker what she offers as “extras” (These are things we get paid for in addition to our hourly rate. Unlike our wage, we keep 100% of extras money) Her list was pretty similar to mine except this one: $50 to let the clients touch her boobs. “What?” My face fell open. “That’s not included in your service?”. I have a range of extras as well, the most popular being kissing. –but it had never occurred to me to charge extra for boob-access.

“Hell no. Also if he wants to see me come, he can pay $100 to go down on me. It’s the only way I orgasm.”
“And you use a dam?”
“Of course. It’s the law here”
“Huh…I charge $50 but you can get $100?”
“Absolutely. I used to give it away free but then I realized that if they want to see me genuinely orgasm, they can pay for it. And they do.” Looking resolute, she went back to brushing her hair in the vanity mirror.

Wow. Well that explains why so many of my Brisbane clients have asked if they’re allowed to touch my  breasts. I’ve never been in a workplace  with this much negotiating power. I got changed into my street clothes chuckling to myself that I should start charging them to smile: $50 for a polite one, $100 for the killer one they saw when I first hustled them in the client lounge.

5 thoughts on “These jugs just got alot more expensive

  1. That just made think of a certain episode of a certain dyke drama on TV where the “post post-feminist” main character undergoes an inner struggle where she has to find out whether sexuality is exploitation or not.
    It obviously was, but according to the show, it is the women that are exploiting, not being exploited.
    Yay for sex-pozzies!

    Though it’s rather reciprocal exploitation IMHO. Unless we’re talking about Ancient Greek pederasts. That’s a totally different story.
    Are we talking about them? No? Oh, well.

    You didn’t close the last paranthese? BTW.

  2. I love this! Especially the part about charging for a real orgasm.

    Indeed — this is a great argument when people assume poor little defenseless sex workers are exploited victims. Ha!


  3. I love this idea, makes total sense to me!

    I just discussed this post with my hubby and when trying to give him a kiss goodnight he charged me $5!!!

  4. Oh, I’ve always known the sex workers were the ones in charge. When feminist friends chide me for going to the strip club, those poor girls, men taking advantage of them and degrading them, I laugh. You mean the woman who gets paid to bounce around on a guy’s lap a bit and can’t TOUCH while he has to go home ALONE and beat off? Women win that round.

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